Exchange Music Between iPhones / iPods Over Wifi With ‘Sprd The Note’, Download FREE [Today Only]

Previously featured on Gizmodo, ‘Sprd The Note’ app allows you to transfer any song from your iPhone / iPod touch’s Music library as well as any personal recording, to another iPhone or iPod touch over Wifi and email. All you need to do is import the songs you want to share into the app right from your iOS device and send them to your friends and family over the air. Songs received are kept into the app until you sync your iOS device and add the songs to your iTunes library. Best of all, you can download ‘Sprd The Note’ for FREE from the App Store right now (today only).

Here is the iTunes description:

Sprd the Note, pronounced “Spread the Note”, lets you send (spread) your music from iPhone to iPhone!

Whether you simply love music, or you’re an underground musician looking for exposure, Sprd the Note is the perfect tool for you!

Spread music over Wifi, or using Email!

? Spread the note, and spread the word!  ?

Sprd the Note will let you share your music directly to the iPhone or iTouch in your fan’s pocket, and to the iPad in her bag, right there and then!

If you’re on the go, you can even record a song right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad!

Just launch Sprd on your iPhone or iPad, and have your new fans do the same! Sprd has been designed to be very lightweight, for a quick download even over a 3G connection!

Within a few seconds, your song will be on your new fan’s device, ready for listening!

Check out the following video showing ‘Sprd The Note’ in action:

YouTube video

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