Almost 80 Million Pictures Have Been Uploaded to Flickr by iOS Devices

Our recent story about Lisa Bettany’s trip around the world with an iPhone 4S had me investigating the usage of iPhone cameras on Flickr, which has been documented before. We’ve seen the popular rise of iPhone cameras, but what about the total number of images uploaded to Flickr by all iOS devices?

The grand total works out to 79,649,462 pictures (iPad 2, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch). This number was calculated by adding up the number of images taken by each device listed here.

The iPhone 4S was previously noted by MacRumors to have bolted into the second spot out of all iPhones just over a month after its launch. Fast forward a couple months later and not much has changed, other than the iPhone 4S asserting its stranglehold in the number two position out of all smartphones:

The iPhone 4 still reigns as the most popular camera on Flickr:

What strikes me as the most interesting is the steep rise of the iPhone 4S, while older models have started to decline. One could assume early adopters of the iPhone 3G/3GS bypassed the iPhone 4 upgrade and have finally gotten their hands on the iPhone 4S. Not only that, the iPhone 4S is now available in more countries around the world than previous models as well. Props to the HTC EVO 4G for holding onto the 5th spot out of all smartphones.

Do you upload images to Flickr from your iPhone?

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