iPhone Dev Team: Almost 1 Million New A5 Jailbreaks As of Today

The iPhone Dev Team has released some official A5 jailbreak numbers in detail, as noted in a recent post titled ‘Welcome new A5 Jailbreakers!‘.

Earlier, we noted the numbers mentioned by Chronic Dev Team member @p0sixninja, and these numbers are similar but in more detail:

Here’s a quick breakdown of how many A5 owners have jailbroken their devices since Friday morning. The numbers as of Monday afternoon are:

491,325 new iPhone4,1 devices
308,967 new iPad2 devices
152,940 previously jailbroken (at 4.x) iPad2 devices
Total: 953,232 new A5 jailbreaks in a little over 3 days

The reason these numbers can be so precise is that one of the housekeeping activities that happens when you launch Cydia is a query to @saurik’s server for the list of available SHSH blobs. (Even if you have none on file, the query is still made).

Welcome to the jailbreak family!

P.S. Remember the cardinal rule of jailbreaking: never update your firmware until a new jailbreak is available. This is especially true for A5 owners, who currently have no way of restoring to 5.0.1 once the 5.0.1 SHSH blob signing window is closed.

These numbers are phenomenal. It’s clear evidence people still want to jailbreak their iOS devices. The numbers don’t lie. Well done and thanks to everyone involved for making these ‘easy’ jailbreaks possible.