Archie Comics and Canada’s Gogii Games to Create iOS Video Game [Update]

Did you read Archie Comics growing up as a kid? I can’t remember how many countless hours were spent ‘hanging out’ with the crew from Riverdale. Today Archie Comics and New Brunswick’s Gogii Games have announced they will release an iOS video game based on the iconic comic series.

The iPhone and iPad will will feature “all the classic and iconic elements of Archie’s world, from Riverdale High to his two love interests, Betty and Veronica — not to mention friends and foes like Reggie, Jughead and more.” The game will be story-based and engaging for players, and also will be cross platform and free.

“We’re excited and honored to be partnering with Gogii Games,” Archie Co-CEO Jon Goldwater said in a statement. “They came up with a way to really bring the comics to life and to engage an entirely new and fervent fan base. We can’t wait for this game to go live across all platforms and countries.”

No specific release date has been set, but it’s great news Canadian-based Gogii Games will have their hand in releasing the first Archie Comics video game in the App Store. They were able to secure the deal with support from the local provincial government in New Brunswick.

Currently, the free Archie Comics app is already available with in-app purchases to buy digests and more. Anyone excited for this? Just don’t play the game in the bathroom like you did while reading the comics.

Update 1: An interview with the CBC reveals how the relationship with Gene Simmons Gogii Games had helped them secure the deal with Archie Comics:

It previously launched a new mobile game called Attack of the Groupies, which features reality star and actress Shannon Tweed, who is married to Gene Simmons from the band Kiss.

Donovan said that one thing led to another.

“I was actually very lucky and fortunate that my relationship I have with Gene Simmons — he connected me with Jon [Goldwater], the co-CEO of the Archies — and within a few weeks we put a deal together and we’re off to the races,” he said.