iPhone 5 Concept Has Self Destruct Feature

With iPhone 5 coming out later this year, we have heard lots of rumours about what the new features or design might be. This time around we are showing you a simple concept video from Aatma. They have previously shown as what they think the new iPad could have looked like, and also what they think the new iPhone could look like.

Now, Aatma has an idea for a new feature which would permanently disable your iPhone, should it be lost or stolen, and some one tries to figure out your unlock code. Take a look:

YouTube video

The iPhone cracks itself if siri perceives it as stolen. Before you go why siri why, self destruction is activated only if you have enabled the iphone unlock error security feature on the concept iPhone 5.

After 3 strikes, Siri radio quickly does an iPhone data transfer to your iTunes; and goes onto decimate all your information on the phone. You are notified on iTunes, where the iPhone data recovery is now available only to you, as it should be.

I don’t think I would ever enable this feature, if it were real. I’d be too afraid of forgetting my own password, and blowing up my own iPhone. 😛 What do you guys think about this concept?

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