Moshi iGlaze Air 11 (for Macbook Air) [REVIEW]


One of the growing players in the Apple accessory world, Moshi, has found recent success with its ultra-light, ultra-durable iGlaze line.

Just last week, Moshi introduced the iGlaze series (iGlaze 11 and iGlaze 13) for the Macbook Air, to complement iGlaze cases for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


Fans of the iGlaze will already be familiar with the smooth, clear, and surprisingly thin plastic cases.

The Moshi iGlaze is coated with an ultrathin coating that makes the plastic scratch-resistant.  The plastic is definitely high-grade, yet highly flexible, making it very difficult to dent or snap.

And literally, all it took was a quick and simple snap to cover your Macbook.  Moshi definitely engineered the product to snuggly fit the Air.

I was thoroughly surprised at just how thin the case is and barely added any added weight to the Macbook Air.

I know that I am in the same boat as many other Macbook Air users that find that the rubber feet on the Macbook Air are a little too small.  Moshi has identified this and has perfectly placed rubber feet that slightly raise the profile of the ultraportable laptop.

While the iGlaze perfectly fits over your Macbook Air, Moshi definitely paid attention to fine details of design.

The part of the iGlaze the covers the side of the Macbook Air carefully exposes only the ports so that you can comfortably charge your laptop and plug in your devices.

I also didn’t experience any significant heat buildup as the vents were not covered by the case, leaving them to breathe freely.

Final Verdict

The iGlaze has very few flaws – if any – that I can note.  It is well crafted, and its simplistic design perfectly suits the unibody frame of the Macbook Air.  I really liked the fact that it is so thin.  My Macbook Air feels thoroughly protected, yet doesn’t have the ‘cheaper’ feeling other rubber cases have.

Power-users will definitely appreciate the convenience of a zipper-free case, and if you tend to carry around your laptop along with everything else in a single bag, you will appreciate the scratch-resistance and durable plastic casing.

If you are one of the diehard Apple-freaks that update your Macbook Air with each round of upgrades, investing in the iGlaze will definitely keep your laptop in prestine condition, thus helping to maintain maximum resale value.

Have I mentioned yet how amazingly thin the case is?

Moshi released the iGlaze for Macbook Air just last week, and you can start ordering it in either translucent, black or white, on the Moshi site (11” for $55 US or 13” for $60), or start checking your local Mac accessory stores as iGlaze starts making its way onto store shelves.


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