How to Unlock your iPhone with Telus

As noted yesterday, Telus now officially unlocks the iPhone starting today, based on a set of requirements and a $50 fee. The Telus website section on unlocking has been updated with information about the iPhone, along with a link to an Apple support page on the process.

Here’s how Telus describes the iPhone unlock process:

Apple iPhone: How-to: Unlock your Apple iPhone for use with other carriers

You can unlock your TELUS issued Apple iPhone for use with other mobile carriers.

1. Call Client Care to request the phone unlock.
2. The Client Care representative will complete the steps to unlock your phone.
3. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and wait for the message “Unlock Complete. Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked. To set up and sync this iPhone, click Continue”.

NOTE: NOTE: An Internet connection is required in order for iTunes to unlock your device.

Your iPhone is unlocked.

Sounds pretty straightforward and similar to the iPhone unlock process via Rogers. If you are going to unlock your iPhone with Telus, let us know how it goes for you.

[via Telus, thanks Keyvan]