First Look: Color Splash Studio Makes Its Way Onto iOS [Video Review]

One of the more popular photo editing applications in the Mac App Store is Color Splash Studio. It gives you the ability to transform your ordinary photos into something very eye catching. It simply turns your photo black & white, and then allows you to colour in what sections you want to stand out.

Well, the powerful Mac app from MacPhun is now available for your iOS devices. I was able to get an advanced copy and have been testing it for a week, and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

This beauty brings almost every feature of the Mac app and puts it right at your finger tips.

Here’s my video review and demonstration of Color Splash Studio for iOS in action.

YouTube video

As I showed you in the video, I love the ability to choose between four different brushes, and then be able to customize them even more. This allows you to get into those tight spots for really precise edits. It also helps speed up the edit because you’re making fewer mistakes.

The other really cool feature, that may seem like a simple addition is the “view window” in the upper corners. These are a must on your iOS devices. This can save you so much hassle and frustration. When you’re using your finger as a brush, it’s easy to lose sight of what you’re trying to colour in because you’re finger is in the way. This leads to more mistakes.

This “view window” removes that frustration, and will even jump to the other corner if it’s in the way of what you’re working on.

There are a lot of great features within Color Splash Studio. When it’s released tomorrow – June 5th – it’ll cost $0.99 cents in the App Store. That’s a limited time offer, and then the price will be set at $2.99. But that’s still a steal for what your getting.

Are you excited about the released of Color Splash Studio for your iOS devices? Let me know in the comments section.


There’s been a delay getting Color Splash Studio into the App Store. I’ll make sure to let you know when it’s available.


Color Splash Studio is now available in the app store. As I mentioned, the introductory price is $0.99, so pick it up now.

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