Download Legendary Podcasts Of “Steve Jobs At D” Free On iTunes

As a memorial to the Apple’s great co-founder Steve Jobs, AllThingsD recently uploaded his video and audio podcasts in which the legendary innovator candidly answers unrehearsed questions and explains his views on technology and business at his six appearances at D: All Things Digital conference from 2003 to 2010. These podcasts, all of which are available on iTunes for free in high-quality video, have reportedly generated a lot of interest, hitting millions of downloads in just under a month.

According to the source:

Though Apple declined to provide an official download number, sources in position to know tell AllThingsD that in just under a month downloads of the “Steve Jobs at D: All Things Digital” podcasts have hit the “low millions.”

Which is nice to hear. Because these interviews offer a fascinating, unscripted and unadorned portrait of someone who was a rare and transformative force in technology. And they really should be seen by more people.

The Jobs at D interviews, all six including a wonderful joint appearance with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, are well worth watching. So if you follow Apple and you’ve not yet seen them, take some time and watch a few.