Review: SimplyUs – An App to Help Happy Couples Couple Anywhere

This weekend when my girlfriend and I were discussing ways to improve our communications, I naturally suggested we look to the App Store.

A quick search provided me with a few different options. I have a preference for free apps so I proceeded to install some of the more promising candidates. Finally, I installed on SimplyUs from IronArk.

Upon opening SimplyUs, I was greeted with an option to send my girlfriend a link to the app. After this, the app opened to the Activity screen and a list of five icons on the bottom of the screen. The Activity screen, which highlights all the new entries made by either you or your partner. Chat provides a quick and easy way to communicate while inside the app. Calendar displays your calendar. Lists provides a place to create lists. Photos provide a place to share pictures from within the app.

When I clicked the Calendar icon I discovered the App had loaded my entire calendar, I was worried. These fears were unfounded as the app will only share entries if you open the event in the app and click “Share with Partner” or you create an event from within the app. Any shared entries have an icon and hash tag to differentiate them from non-shared entries.

The real power is the Lists section. This section allows you and you partner to create a list for every need. Changes quickly appear on both iPhones. The only thing missing from this section is the ability to sort the lists into categories. The other downside for me was the discovery that my girlfriend was a closet listaholic!

Overall, this app is a powerful yet simple tool for a couple to share their lives in real-time without paying for a costly subscription.

Click here to download SimplyUS–it’s free. Tell me what you think of it in the comments below!