Aicon Cydia App Adds Photo-Like Filters to Your Icons

Theming in iOS has been one of the most popular reasons people jailbreak their iDevices. Winterboard provides a great platform for changing all aspects of the iOS UI, but it can slow down your device’s performance. A new app was recently launched in Cydia that allows you to add effects to your icons, similar to adding filters to your pictures in your favourite photography app. It comes with 11 different effects, and you can add as many as you want, and mix and match to get the desired effect you’re looking for. Below, you can see the “Saturate”, “Sepia”, and “Glass” effects enabled.


See all your icons in a whole new light by adding one or a combination of several one-tap special effects. Have fun tweaking your icons. You can convert icons to black and white, try a classic sepia tone, add translucency, adjust contrast, enhance colors, and more.

Aicon allows you to combine special effects in almost limitless variety, so you can tweak to your heart’s content and give your icons the perfect touch.

There are 11 effects and more are coming in our future updates. Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

How to Use:
Find the Aicon app on your home screen. Choose effects to apply and follow the help info. Use the refresh or revert buttons to manage your icons.

This tweak installs an app on your device, and this is where you go to adjust the settings. There is one odd design choice. Although, you have the option to add as many effects as you like without respringing, you cannot add one at a time. If you want to try out the effects individually, you have to hit the “Revert to original” button in the app. This resprings the device.

Overall, the app works just as described and the effects look good. The effects don’t seem to apply to all icons, but this is just the initial release, so we could see any current issues fixed in upcoming updates.

If you think Aicon is the theming app for you, you can get it in Cydia now, in the Big Boss repo, for $1.99.