Transmission RPC: BitTorrent iOS Remote Control Available In App Store

Before you get too excited, let me clarify that Transmission RPC, which is now available as a universal download in the App Store, is not a native iOS BitTorrent client i.e you can’t use it to download torrents directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch but instead, it is a remote control for the popular OS X BitTorrent client Transmission (via AppAdvice).

Using the app lets users control their torrent downloads on the Transmission server through an iOS friendly interface. Transmission RPC supports multiple servers and can also open torrent links automatically.

Below is a complete list of features supported:

The transmission rpc is a application that connects to a transmission server thru network to

perform the download.

The download will not be performed on ios device! it will be performed on the server.


* Manage transmission servers

* Add torrent from URL to transmission server.

* Add torrent from magnet links to transmission server.

* Start all torrents on transmission server.

* Pause all torrents on transmission server.

* Start torrent on transmission server.

* Pause torrent on transmission server.

* Check status for each torrent.

* Delete torrent from transmission server.

* iCloud support

* Can handle torrent files (from safari, mail, and others)

* Can handle magnet links (from safari)

If you’re interested, better download Transmission RPC for $1.99 before Apple pulls it from the App Store for good.