Telus Brings Back the 6GB/$30 Data Plan

A while back we noted Rogers had reintroduced the coveted LTE/3G 6GB/$30 data plan for customers via calling in to customer service and asking reps to enter a specific SOC code. Now, it appears Telus has done the same, according to this thread over at RedFlagDeals. All you have to do is call in to customer service and ask for the plan.

Forum user actng was offered the 6GB/$30 data plan when negotiating with Telus Retentions. The 6GB data on Telus applies to both the LTE and HSPA network. In order to qualify for the 6GB data plan you will most likely have to have a minimum $50 monthly bill with a $20 voice plan.

If you are on Telus and have been waiting for the return of the 6GB data plan, now is your chance to act. Let us know if you are successful in the comments, as “your mileage may vary” (YMMV).