Apple Activates PowerNap Feature On MacBook Airs With Firmware Update

Ever since I got my new MacBook Pro with Retina display, I’ve been anxiously waiting for OS X Mountain Lion release especially for two great new features, one is the AirPlay for Mac and the other one is PowerNap. Even though I’m still waiting for my qualifying “app code” for OS X Mountain Lion upgrade to be delivered, I’m pretty sure PowerNap is going to be truly amazing. However, the feature is only supported by Macs that ship with built-in flash storage that include second-generation MacBook Airs and the new Macbook Pros with Retina display. Luckily, Apple has now decided to extend the PowerNap support to older 2011 MacBook Airs with a firmware update.

Here’s a little info about PowerNap:

Ready when you are

With Power Nap, your Mac sleeps but your applications stay up to date. So you have the latest information — such as mail, notes, reminders, and messages — when your Mac wakes up.

Backups and updates

Power Nap performs Time Machine backups to Time Capsule and downloads OS X software updates while your Mac sleeps, so you can begin installing as soon as you wake it up.

Power efficient

Power Nap works whether your Mac is plugged into an AC power outlet or is using battery power.

Silent operation

Power Nap refreshes the data on your Mac silently; no fans or lights come on.

To grab the update on your 2011 MacBook Air right now, simply hit ‘Software Update’ in OS X Mountain Lion.