Samsung Publishes Excluded Court Evidence, Angering Court Judge

Today marked the second day of the heated Apple, Samsung court case, and Samsung is already under hot water after releasing exclusive case evidence. Judge Lucy Koh denied Samsung the ability to show the jury their pre-iPhone F700 device, yet it would prove they didn’t copy the iPhone. So earlier today Samsung sent the slides to AllThingsD, starting all the commotion.

After Judge Koh found the evidence leaked on the internet, she was inflamed with anger, stating some very harsh words against Samsung.

With AllThingsD, Koh stated the following:

“Tell Mr. Quinn I’d like to see him today,” Koh said. “I want to know who drafted the press release, who authorized it from the legal team.”

The Verge provides even further details:

Koh was “livid” when she found out about the All Things D story and press release, and demanded to know if Quinn was involved. “I want Mr. Quinn’s declaration as to what his role was,” said Koh. “I want to know who authorized it.”

Apple themselves weren’t all too happy about the situation either. Now they have to hope the jurors fail to notice the published information. Jurors are required to make decisions based off of strictly courtroom evidence, but if this type of information is available, they might use it against Apple.

Take a look at some of the pre-iPhone Samsung phones above. Let us know if any resemble the original iPhone 2G.

[via 9to5mac]

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