Samsung: The Shared Evidence Was Requested By The Public

In a report yesterday, Samsung shared some critical evidence to the public, in which was denied to be involved with the case by Judge Lucy Koh a day prior. Although this evidence would help Samsung prove its innocence, the Jury was forbidden access to these slides. So Samsung went ahead and publicized them anyways.

After the evidence was leaked, Judge Koh demanded Samsung reveal who published the press release, and supply an explanation. A Samsung representative today was able to fill that request.

Samsung lawyer John B. Quinn denied any court violations, via PCMag:

“Samsung did not issue a general press release,” Quinn wrote, saying instead that the company released a “brief statement” amidst various requests for comment from media outlets. The move, he argued, “did not violate any court order or any legal or ethical standard.”

In another statement with The Wall Street Journal, Samsung points they only released the slides “in response to requests from media”:

Far from violating any order, Samsung’s transmission to the public of public information disclosed in pretrial filings is entirely consistent with this Court’s statements that the “workings of litigation must be open to public view”.

Set aside from all those arguments, Quinn reiterated that the court specified to both sides that “the whole trial is going to be open.” And to topple that, jurors were told they couldn’t view any form of media while apart of the jury team.

I’m not sure about all of you, but if I was the judge then all evidence would be accepted into the case. It’s very ignorant of the judge to deny such a critical piece of evidence.

Let me know in the comments if you believe Samsung should be punished for publicizing the evidence.