Apple’s “Genius” TV Advertisements Have Stopped Airing During The Olympics

Back in July, Apple launched three new TV advertisements for the Mac, each of which featured an Apple Genius helping Mac users troubleshoot through their issues. In a very short explanation, the commercials presented the intelligence of an Apple Genius and the crazy unrealistic ways they go about helping Mac users.

These advertisements were first aired during the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics. They continued to air during the opening weekend, but have vanished since the 29th of July. Apple enthusiasts have noticed the lack of the Genius commercials, and actually brought it to Mashable’s attention.

Many speculated that the TV ads were removed because the customers were portrayed as clueless. Others found the ads simply not humorous. But according to an Apple ad agency representative, the ads were only scheduled to be aired during the opening weekend of the Olympics.

A rep for TBWA/Media/Arts Lab, Apple’s ad agency, says the ads are not running anymore, but that was the plan all along. The ads were intended only for a “first run” during the Olympics, which meant just the first weekend of the Games, the rep says.

Those wishing to view the commercials can still check them out on Apple’s website or on YouTube. The ads are in fact quite unusual as compared to Apple’s typical iPad and Mac advertisements.

What’s your take on these ads?

[via Mashable]