Apple Set To Become Largest Gaming Platform By 2013 [Analyst]

When you think of iOS, is the first thing that comes to mind gaming? Not for me, but I may admit, I have many friends that mainly game on their devices. I tend to lean more towards email, texting, social networking, and music.

The marketing job of handheld gaming on iOS has been phenomenal. Since the launch of Game Center on iOS, these hardcore gamers have had the ability to play multiplayer, rather than single player on many iOS games. The impact gaming has had with iOS is absolutely stunning, currently Game Center has 130 million members subscribed. As 2012 comes to an end, analysts at Asymco have predicted the platform would reach 200 million users.

With 130 million members currently, Game Center is already more popular than the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. Only the Nintendo DS and Playstation 2 lead Apple.

Based from growth indicated in the past year alone, Asymco was able to determine Game Center would reach nearly 200 million members by the year’s end:

If we further dig into data, OpenFeint for iOS has over 180 million members already. Just knowing people are going out of their way to download a gaming client is enormous proof that iOS consists of numerous gamers.

Are you a huge iOS gamer? I potentially could be, game developers just need to bring their console games over to iOS first.

[via MacWorld]