Download All New ‘Nito Installer For Mac’, The Best Apple TV Jailbreak Utility Ever

Kevin Bradley a.k.a @nitoTV, has released a brand new utility for jailbroken Apple TVs called nito Installer. The application, which is currently available for Mac OS only, makes installing software like XBMC and nitoTV on jailbroken Apple TVs easier than ever (via modmyi). While jailbreaking Apple TV may not be a tough task for many, installing plugins and apps does require a little more effort such as using SSH or Terminal commands to install third-party apps. However with nito Installer, users can install popular apps on their jailbroken Apple TVs with the click of a mouse.

Sadly, the tool is only useful for Apple TV 2 owners since no Apple TV 3 jailbreak solution has been released yet and as far as we know, no one in the jailbreak community is developing one either.

Below is the direct link to installer: