Final Fantasy Dimensions Review – A Return to 2D Pixel Art RPG Awesomeness

A new Final Fantasy RPG is now available for your iOS devices. For the first time ever, Final Fantasy Dimensions is available in English. The game is actually a port of the episodic RPG series Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Senshi. It was released throughout 2010 for Japanese flip-phones.

It’s not to be confused with the Final Fantasy Legends released for the Game Boy.

The iOS version is of course modernized and updated and is also broken into numerous chapters – there are four and a Prologue. Each chapter includes several episodes. In total you can expect upwards of 40 hours of total gameplay with all the chapters.

However, the game doesn’t come cheap. The Prologue is free, but the other chapters cost between $3 – $10. Or you can buy the full game for $29. This is a big investment when you consider how many iOS games run you about a dollar or two. Even the ports of the old Final Fantasy games are about $15.

Here is my video review of Final Fantasy Dimensions.

YouTube video

If you’ve played the Final Fantasy games since the beginning the gameplay and feel will be very familiar. As I mentioned in the video, despite the moving, I actually prefer the touch interface. I always found pushing buttons on a controller slow and time consuming. With the touch interface you just tap what you want to do. I find the game moves along a little bit faster, especially the battle sequences.

From just playing the Prologue it’s easy to see what a great job Square Enix has done returning the franchise to its roots with the 2D pixel art – which I will point out looks amazing on the retina display. The characters again have job-driven paths encompassed in the large storyline centring around light, darkness and crystals. Final Fantasy Dimensions definitely has the retro-feel to it, but because it hasn’t been previously available, it manages to so far feel fresh and new.

Oh, and I forgot to mention in the video review, the soundtrack is stellar. Just what you’d expect from the Final Fantasy series. Don’t hesitate. Buy this classic and enjoy the quest.


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