Flipboard Plans To Launch iPhone 5 Application September 21st

With official word that the iPhone 5 has upgraded to a 4-inch display Wednesday, application developers are scrambling to prepare a larger version of their application by the iPhone launch next Friday. One application that jumped the gun is Flipboard; CEO Mike McCue stated at the event to Mashable that they would have a 4-inch version of Flipboard available on the iPhone’s release.

Here is some of McCue’s thoughts on the larger screen:

McCue, though, was all smiles. Extolling the virtues of the “beautiful” new iPhone 5, he called it “perfectly balanced.” He also noted that the lengthier screen is “a huge boon” for reading apps like Flipboard.

Watch the full interview:

The process of enlarging an applications real estate was explained yesterday by Clear developer Milen Dzhumerov via TechCrunch:

The amount of work depends solely on whether the interface in question is inherently stretchable. For example, a lot of applications are size-constrained thus they employ scrollviews. For those types of applications, supporting the new screen should be a matter of removing assumptions in any layout code about the screen height. A non-trivial component would be any assets that would have to be stretched vertically to take up any additional screen space – obviously, this requires more effort and collaboration with the app’s graphical designer(s).

The iPhone 5 will be available publicly on September 21st at the Apple Store and Bell, Rogers, Telus, etc if you didn’t have the chance to pre-order the phone.

Let us know how many of you pre-ordered the iPhone so far.