iPhone 5 Shot At By .50 Cal Sniper: Watch Now (VIDEO)

It’s heartbreaking to see an iPhone display crack, or the device itself break, but to see it completed by a .50 cal sniper, that’s a whole other story. When a new iOS device is released, Richard Ryan is almost guaranteed to get hold of the device and destroy it. Over the past few years he has completed this ritual with the iPhone 4/4S and the iPad 2/3.

Just imagine what type of damage a .50 cal sniper could do to an iPhone. I was actually surprised to see the iPhone 5 hold up well when being shot at. So view the video below before I ruin any of the details:

YouTube video

Okay, that wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. I thought the iPhone 5 would crack in half and fall to the ground after the first shot. Apparently the internals are held together strongly.

Were you surprised by ‘how well’ the iPhone 5 held together?

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