Squarespace Note: A Slick App for Simple Notetaking with Sync Options [FREE]

Squarespace let us know about a new app they’ve launched called Squarespace Note. Essentially it’s a quick notetaking app that allows you to send notes to various locations quickly and easily with the swipe of your finger.

The interface is extremely-well designed and is very intuitive. You launch the app and there’s an animated demo of how it all works. You then setup services to decide where you want your notes to go, either to an email address, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote or your Squarespace account. There are numerous options for each save destination when it comes to the formatting of your notes, such as whether or not you want the date as part of the name or title.

You type a note in its clean interface, then swipe up and it sends to your chosen destination. It’s really easy and simple. If you want to specify more than one destination, swipe to the left to reveal them, then just tap the ones you want your note to send to.

You can also go back and review your sent notes by swiping to the right. From there, existing notes can be sent to other locations with one tap, or deleted by swiping quickly to the right.

For those that like to email themselves, this is probably one of the fastest ways to do so. You can also setup unique subject headings for the notes. This is a brilliant app that’s free and very well designed.

Here’s the iTunes description:

Squarespace Note helps anyone record their ideas on the fly. Writers, bloggers, and others can use the app to record inspiration and ideas as they happen; notes can be sent via e-mail, or synced with a range of popular services including Squarespace, Evernote, Dropbox, and more.

– One of the quickest ways to jot down ideas and reminders on an iOS device.
– Sync your notes with e-mail, Squarespace, Evernote, Dropbox, Twitter, and more.
– The lightweight mobile app immediately loads a blank canvas when it’s launched.
– Unbranded, black and white feel lets you concentrate on content, not presentation.
– All your sent notes are stored and can be viewed directly from the app.

Click here to download Squarespace Note–it’s free. Tell me what you think of this cool app!

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