Classic Arcade Racer Game DONKEY.BAS is a Free Download

There are a lot of iOS games out there that tickle your nostalgia bone, but most of them are just ‘twists’ on the classics or updated and modernized versions of titles you played all those years ago. In the case of DONKEY.BAS, the game feels just like the original –complete with awesome 8-bit graphics and sounds!

Sure there are achievements and the game is integrated with Game Center, but that is the only real update you will notice. The once-famous straight rural road lies ahead of you as you drive and avoid the obstacles (zombie donkeys, in case the retro-style graphics make them hard to identify). Single tap to move controls make this a game that should be incredibly easy to master, yet you will still find yourself responsible for a little road-kill.

It may sound silly, but when the all-too-familiar GAME OVER sound played and words displayed, my instinct was to reach to my pocket for another quarter. It saddens me to know that a great many of you reading this won’t remember or understand what that means.

Take a stroll down memory lane (or learn what gaming was like for those of us not born into the Nintendo-generation) by grabbing DONKEY.BAS from the App Store. It’s currently free until 11AM PDT (2PM EDT) on Monday, October 29th as part of a promotion.