iPhone 5 Tops Early Nexus 4 Benchmarks Posted by AnandTech

This week Google announced a refresh to their hardware line up and unveiled the  Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets. The Nexus 4 is made by LG and sports a 4.7 inch screen that rivals the industry standard Retina display (326 ppi) when it comes to pixels per inch with 320. 

AnandTech has posted some early benchmarks of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 and within the results you can see the iPhone 5 has a leg up in certain browser tests used to measure CPU performance, such as this SunSpider test below:


The iPhone 5 also outperforms the Nexus 4 in numerous GPU and display tests, such as this one via GLBenchmark 2.5:


The iPhone 5 Retina display tops the Nexus 4 when it comes to brightness tests for whites (but not blacks) but is edged out in contrast tests.

The most interesting results were the battery life tests. As you may recall Google decided to forego LTE with the Nexus 4 and stuck with 3G HSPA+ instead.

In Wi-Fi tests, the iPhone 5 blew away the Nexus 4, but the cellular data tests are the most surprising. The iPhone 5 on LTE lasted for more than 8 hours, almost doubling the battery performance of the Nexus 4 on 3G:

Battery life

These impressive iPhone 5 battery results are a testament to Apple’s engineers and how they been able to work on the efficiency of their A6 SoC in tandem with iOS, something that is frequently understated. They’ve crammed a large battery inside a thin and light smartphone that still outperforms the larger 4.7 inch Nexus 4, which Google claims is the fastest phone on the planet.

The Nexus 4 does have an attractive $299 unlocked price for the 8GB model, available in Canada soon on November 13th–it’s also the fastest (and only) way for Android users to get access to the latest OS from Google without dealing with carriers.

You can check out the early results of AnandTech’s early benchmarks here. What did you think of these first tests?