Apple Changes Internal Management of Apple Campus 2 Project, Submits Revised Plans

Apple has submitted revised plans for its upcoming Apple Campus 2 project in Cupertino. Earlier today we heard the project was to be delayed until mid-2016. Below are the new plans posted to the City of Cupertino’s website. Apple’s third revision of these plans were previously submitted back in March.

Apple’s Updated Proposal Documents

After taking a quick peek at these updated proposals, there are no significant changes. However, we did notice the four level parking lot layout has changed and increased in capacity. Previously, spaces were angled and only had 1150 per floor; the new revised layout shows 1450 per floor (two lots per floor), leading to a total of 5800 total spaces–a 26% increase (accessible spaces also doubled from 48 to 96). The parking lot’s photovoltaic roof is part of the green aspect of Apple Campus 2, taking advantage of solar power.


apple campus 2 parking


apple campus 2 parking

Apple earlier responded to the delay of Apple Campus 2. A spokesperson noted the following to AllThingsD:

“With that in mind, we have approached this project with the same care and attention to detail we pay when designing any Apple product. We look forward to moving the project forward with the city and beginning construction.”

Incoming Cupertino Mayor Orrin Mahoney told the Mercury News these delays aren’t abnormal given the scope of the project plus the fact Apple recently changed the internal management of the project:

“This is not a surprise to us at all…We’ve been working closely with Apple, where they recently changed their internal management of the project, and these kinds of revisions are pretty routine. But all the main elements of the design are still there, including the curved glass and spaceship design.”

Apple Campus 2 was personally detailed by the late Steve Jobs to the Cupertino City Council in June of last year.