Fongo Debuts Its All New Mobile App For Free Voice Calls & Messaging in Canada

Fongo Inc., Canada’s fast growing mobile telecommunications company, has announced its brand new free mobile calling and messaging application, the Fongo – Free Talk + Text (it’s the updated Dell Voice). The new app allows unlimited voice calls and messages over data as well as WiFi and is available for all iOS and Android devices.

Phone ios

With the new Fongo app, users will get the option to obtain a free local phone number or they can keep their current phone number, free calling across Canada, free unlimited Fongo text and media messaging as well as unlimited text messaging (SMS) to Canada & the US. Other features like free voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding are also included.

According to the press release:

Canadians will not only save money by using the app, they will also benefit from a smarter and more powerful mobile phone experience. Fongo now provides free group messaging so families, colleagues, or groups of friends can chat together and share pictures. Full integration with existing address books makes Fongo an easy switch for anyone looking to save $10 to $60 a month on their mobile bill.

“Fongo has revolutionized the mobile service industry with a business model no one thought was possible: free calling. But our desire to innovate the mobile experience goes much further than cost savings. A phone that presents nothing more than a dialpad is an outdated idea. Our new design is beautiful, modern, and a much needed breath of fresh air in a stale industry.”

Here is the download link to the free app:

Download Fongo – Free Talk + Text For iPhone, iPod and iPad [Direct Link]