Apple Fixes iOS 6 Maps by Rearranging the Planet [Humour]

The guys from the “infamous” Onion News Network have the ultimate and eagerly awaited news: Apple is fixing the criticized iOS 6 Maps . . . well, sort of. They are rearranging the planet; they’re moving London to Canada so you can save the money and time you’d otherwise spend it on traveling.

In this funny video, you’ll be informed that Apple is promising a must-have update by Christmas, which will obviously fix iOS 6 Maps’ unreliable mapping results by altering the geography of the Earth.

iOS 6 Maps had its share of success: it successfully pushed the overall consumer satisfaction down, and forced many users to jailbreak their device for a downgrade to iOS 5.1.1, which still features the Google Maps application.

(The Onion flash video)