Analyst: Apple TV To Come in 2014 (Or the Next Three Years)

Apple will present its television set in 2014, said Marc Andreessen (Via BusinessInsider), adding his voice the the hype around the Apple iTV.

Apple iTV design

While he thinks Apple is definitely working on the iTV (or whatever the device’s name will be), when it comes to launch date estimations, he is a bit vague: maybe 2013 or 2014, and if neither of those, then 2015. In other words, in the next three years.

Marc Andreessen is on the board of FaceBook and HP, so we may also consider his forecast in the light of Tim Cook’s words, which were that the living room (and the television set) are an area of “intense interest” to Apple. Furthermore, as we previously reported, the WSJ has information about Apple testing iTV designs with its Asian suppliers, so something is cooking.

An interesting highlight of Andreessen’s Apple TV forecast: although he doesn’t know what it will look like, he is certain that everybody will copy it when arrives.

Kathy Huberty and Jerry Liu of Morgan Stanley (via StreetInsider)listed off some of the features the iTV might encapsulate, based on recent patent approvals.

  • GUI applications for use with 3D remote controller – filed May 2008, granted N/A. A 3-D remote control application which would allow for a cursor to be displayed on the screen “by the position and orientation at which it is held.”?
  • Three-dimensional imaging and display system – filed October 2005, granted September 2011. “The invention involves a groundbreaking 3D imaging and display system that optically detects human positions and motions, projects virtual objects onto a display area, and provides audio and visual feedback,” according to the analysts.
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