Cycloramic Automatically Spins Your iPhone 5 to Take a 360 Degree Video [WATCH]

If you’re looking to make your iPhone 5 the talk of Christmas dinner, the app Cycloramic just might do that. The app utilizes the vibrator motor in the iPhone 5 (the same rotational motor with a counterweight from the iPhone 4) to spin your phone 360 degrees while recording video, allowing you to capture everyone in the room. Your iPhone must be placed upright on a smooth polished surface for the app to work properly.

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This is a brilliant idea. We tested out the app and it works as advertised. Your iPhone 5 has to be ‘naked’ for it to work. You have the options of recording 360/720/1080 degree videos. Check out the developer video below to see it in action:

YouTube video

Click here to download Cycloramic, it’s $0.99 in the App Store. Let us know if you’re going to try this out for Christmas!

[via DPR Connect]

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