Winning While Losing: Apple’s ‘Thermonuclear’ War Against Android

If we take the numbers as granted, Apple is clearly losing ground and indeed needs to introduce a cheaper iPhone to attract more buyers and increase market share. That’s right: Apple currently stands at 15% market share on a global scale while Android owns 75%, according to IDC’s recent data.

But that’s market share. And as Apple’s head of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller said, the company isn’t after market share but to deliver the best products. So Apple “struggles” to keep up with Android, but – as the reports show – it fails.

Now let’s look at the numbers again and add some more info: Despite owning 15% of the market, Apple captured nearly 80% of the entire cellphone industry profits, despite Samsung is spending $4 billion on advertising and promotions.

Secondly, iOS generates the most revenue of mobile advertising. In fact 70% of mobile ad revenue comes from iOS. Google makes more money from iOS than from its own Android.

In addition, iPhone and iPad owners seems use their devices more than Android owners. They spend more money using e-commerce sites and the percentage of paying Game Centre users is getting higher as mobile devices take over gaming platforms.

Another quick fact: Apple paid $7 billion to iOS developers, while Google’s pay check accounted for several hundred million dollars. Not bad, but if we talk about Google Play catching up with the App Store – well, in terms of app numbers, it surely does. But will developers need to switch their jobs to make a living?

In other words, the numbers don’t lie, Apple is not done by any means. Samsung already knows that, and is already preparing for the switch with its Tizen OS.

[Via Mac360]