THX Releases ‘tune-up’ iOS App to Calibrate your Home Theatre [FREE]

THX has announced the release of their tune-up iOS app today to allow users to calibrate their home theatre setup straight from their iPhone or iPad. The app will help adjust your TV, project and speaker setup to optimized settings according to THX standards.

“By using the THX tune-up app, sports fans, movie enthusiasts, gamers and even reality show addicts can confirm their TV and sound system are set up correctly. THX tune-up guides consumers simply and easily through picture and sound adjustments to get the best possible entertainment experience from their home system,” said Sandra Benedetto, director of product management, THX Ltd. “We also included fun stuff, like links to THX cinema trailers and our signature “THX® Deep Note™” sound that are bound to evoke envy on a newly ‘tuned-up’ system.”

THX tune-up uses custom designed video patterns and audio tests to calibrate your home theatre setup based on your equipments capabilities and lighting environment. The app takes advantage of your iPhone or iPad’s camera to help test if colour or tint is adjusted properly. The app allows users to configure tests in an easy to use interactive setup.

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Users can use their iPad 2 (or newer) or iPhone 4 (or later) to connect to your TV or stereo setup to an Apple Digital AV adapter and HDMI cable or via AirPlay using an Apple TV to go through tests and configurations.

Video adjustments

• Aspect ratio – ensure your TV displays shapes and sizes correctly
• Brightness – make certain shadow details and night scenes are clearly visible
• Contrast – confirm white detail is distinct on your television
• Color – make sure colors are bright and vibrant but not cartoonish
• Tint – check skin tones look natural and are not too green or red

Audio adjustments
• Speaker assignment – ensure speakers are connected to the correct AVR output and intended sound is coming from the correct speaker
• Speaker phase – confirm that positive and negative speaker wires are connected correctly and all speakers are in phase

• Turn “moo can” on and tilt the iPhone or iPad to hear your device “moo”
• Play extraordinary THX trailers (just like the ones in THX Certified cinemas) to show off your newly tuned TV and sound system to friends and family
• Show off your audio system with the push of a button by playing “THX Deep Note” in 5.1 surround sound, just like in the theater
• Have a question for THX, or just want to provide feedback? Ask Tex!

THX tune-up will be free from today until February 4th, which it will then be priced at $1.99.

Click here to download THX tune-up and let us know how it works for you.