Pod2g Talks Exploits, Teamwork and Apple

Some know him as a cyber-security guy, others as an iOS developer, but most of us know him as Pod2g, alias Cyril, one of the most renowned and recognized members of the jailbreak scene. As we approach the final release of the iOS 6 jailbreak, he talks with MacGeneration about his motivations, the jailbreak and other projects he is involved with.

After four months of waiting and confusing rumours about the iOS 6 jailbreak, we are finally so close to setting iDevices free. As he previously pointed out, the wait was long for several reasons: First of all, pushing out iOS jailbreaks isn’t his or any of Evad3rs’ team members’ full-time job. Secondly, jailbreaking is a like a big puzzle, as discoveries were made gradually in September and October, and it was found that jailbreaking was possible. But there weren’t enough exploits at that time.

Cyril (pod2g) joined the jailbreak team in December, after pimskeks and planetbeing contacted him about the exploit they had found. The next step was to install it on the iPhone. After long days of hard work, the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak is finally ready for public release.

Despite the high pressure the Evad3rs have face lately from the jailbreak community, he isn’t afraid of crashes, as the jailbreak was tested on each device.
However, he doesn’t deny that there could be some problems, as always, but they will be isolated cases.

Pod2g believes Apple is up against the wall, because while iOS 5 brought many new things compared to iOS 4, it didn’t with iOS 6; in other words, there seems to a lack of innovation at Apple these days, Cyril says. He hopes that iOS 7 will bring big news, implying significant code changes in the system, although in terms of security, Apple has set the bar very high with iOS 6 and iOS 6.1.

When asked why he worked on the jailbreak project, he said, “because it’s fun, and there are so many people who want to jailbreak their devices”, but he excluded the idea of selling the exploits.

For those who are interested in knowing what kind of exploits they used to implement the untethered jailbreak on iDevices running iOS 6 and 6.1, the Evad3rs will have a two-hour presentation in April during the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam.

You can read the full interview here (Google translation)