Rogers $5 iPhone Value Pack: Name Display, Visual Voicemail, Unlimited Texts

Rogers has made some changes to its value pack add ons for smartphone customers including those with the iPhone. The website now shows the following iPhone value pack for $5 per month:

  • Name Display
  • Visual Voicemail Plus
  • Unlimited U.S. & International Text Messages
  • WhoCalled™

Screen Shot 2013 02 11 at 9 20 24 AM

Do note that Name Display only shows the name of callers, whereas caller ID will show the number. The latter is still a $7/month add on and not part of this value pack.

The $12.79 value pack is listed for business customers:

  • Call Display with Name Display
  • Visual Voicemail (for iPhone only)
  • Visual Voicemail Plus
  • 100 U.S. & International Text Messages
Screen Shot 2013 02 11 at 9 20 49 AM

Just last week Rogers introduced new monthly plans priced $5 higher than before but now included caller ID and voicemail.

If you’re still on the $12.79/month value pack, you should be able to call in and switch to the $5 value pack then add on call display for $7, which will save you $9.48 annually and add unlimited US/international texting. Let us know if you plan to make any account changes.

Thanks Owais!