FreeWheel: iOS Continues To Lead Mobile Video Viewing With 60% Share

Video monetization company FreeWheel has today published a study revealing that iOS has grown its share of total mobile video views to 60%, compared to Android’s 32%, between Q4 2011 and Q4 2012. The report also notes that mobile video market grew from 2% in 2011, to 12% of overall online videos watched in 2012 (via TechCrunch).

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The firm points out that Apple’s continued dominance is due to its huge tablet market share, while Android is still struggling to find a competitor that can truly make a dent in overall share of iOS. The iPad accounted for 24% of the overall iOS share, with the iPhone taking 30% and iPod touch devices accounting for the remaining 6%. FreeWheel didn’t reveal Android smartphone vs. tablet traffic, though it noted that Android tablet traffic was minimal.

“Apple stretched its lead over Android considerably between Q3 2012 and Q4 2012, which would suggest that the iPhone 5 in particular had a strong impact on mobile viewing. Apple’s growth could also include traffic spikes from the new iPad mini and iPad, though those were in constrained supply for much of the last quarter of 2o12, which means it’s possible we’ll see more share growth through the first quarter of this year to reflect continued strong iPad sales”.

Despite the new Nexus line of devices and Kindle Fire HD Android tablets, Apple continues to maintain its stranglehold over the competition.