Wunderlist 2 Now a Universal App, Updated with iPad Support

wunderlist 2

Wunderkinder has announced Wunderlist 2 has been updated to become a universal app that now supports the iPad and iPad mini.

Wunderlist 2 for iPad is one super sized update. We’ve now shifted to an all-native universal app for both the iPad and iPhone. What does this mean exactly? Well, we’ve done a lot of work under the hood! Test it out. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll first notice the subtle but distinct boost in speed and quantum leap in performance – not to mention the silky smooth transitions as you glide through your lists. What’s more, this work will allow us to provide you with updates and new features on a faster and more regular basis, so buckle up!

The update also brings improved syncing and the ability to email lists to contacts (even Facebook) right from the app, along with some bug fixes. Wunderlist 2 hasn’t been spared the details when it comes to design as the company stresses details such as the “paper texture and pictograms in the the sidebar, to the sheen of the ribbon when you star an item.”


Do note this app does not replace Wunderlist HD in the App Store. The team recommends syncing your data with an account in Wunderlist HD, then transitioning over to the new universal Wunderlist 2 by logging in with the same details.

I use Wunderlist 2 because it’s a fantastic free app that allows quick access to my to-do lists from my iPhone, iPad, Mac or the web. It’s a simple app that works and all my items are synced via the cloud.

Click here to download Wunderlist 2, it’s free.