TELUS Says Its Spectrum Efficiency Outshines Bell, Rogers [CHART]

With the Federal Government set to launch its rules for the 700MHz wireless spectrum auctions, TELUS Senior Vice President of Federal Government and Regulatory Affairs, Ted Woodhead explains the company eagerly is anticipating these rules so it can continue to expand their wireless network.

Essentially, TELUS notes even with their smaller spectrum holdings the company has been able to keep up with rival carriers Rogers and Bell through its “acquisitions and good business execution,” making the carrier a national competitor:

I have attached a chart that shows our spectrum position compared to our major national competitors. It clearly demonstrates how we have managed to grow TELUS into a national competitor through acquisitions and good business execution. It also shows that we serve roughly the same number of customers as our major competitors with significantly less spectrum available. This means we are more spectrally efficient than our competitors based on customers served versus spectrum available.

TELUS Spectrum Depth

The chart reads “TELUS spectrum holdings are dwarfed by those of Rogers and Bell on a national basis yet we serve similar customer bases.” As of Q4 2012, TELUS has 7.7 million subscribers, similar to Bell and behind Rogers, which leads at 9.4 million.

Currently, all three carriers have launched simultaneous iPhone 5 sales on three year terms.