This Super Thin Apple Television Mockup Take Design Cues From the iPhone 5 [PICS]

Design Martin Hajek is notorious for creating realistic mockups of next generation Apple products. We saw his impressive work on an iWatch mockup yesterday, along with a larger 4.8-inch iPhone 6 from before, along with visuals of an ‘iPhone 5 mini’ and thinner iPad 5.

Now, Hajek shares his recent work with Netherlands-based iCreate magazine, which asked him to create his vision of what a possible Apple Television would look like. Check out a few of the mockups below, which shows the TV concept with the beautiful chamfered edges from the iPhone 5 and iPad mini:






Here is how the designer describes the design:

As for the design – some might say that the end result is indeed a big black iMac but there is more to it than just scaling up Apple’s desktop computer.

In collaboration with the editors at iCreate we decided to move the power button to a more practical location (no need to bend down to turn the TV on/off), ditch the silver color (there is a reason why most TVs are black), add the necessary ports for watching television and add a iPad mini/iPhone 5 like gloss bezel around the front edge.

There is no word on whether Apple will release a standalone television, yet analyst Peter Misek claimed yesterday the unit has been delayed and won’t be unveiled this year. Thoughts on these designs?