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Apple iTV Launch Delayed Again, Analyst Says

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After saying for more than a year that the Apple iTV is imminent, Peter Misek of Jefferies has issued a note to investors on Tuesday (via CNET) claiming that won’t happen — at least not this year.

Apple television-set rumours have been around for quite a while now, especially via analyst estimates, which — like Jefferies’ Peter Misek — had expected the device to hit the market last year . . . and then this year.

But it seems like the March Apple television set event won’t happen, as projected by Misek, and neither will the September or October launch. He now believes Apple will likely present the iTV sometime in 2014, as the companies in the supply chain providing displays are having trouble with yield.

You may recall that a study published last year suggested US customers are willing to shell out $1000+ for an Apple television set. Yet it seems like current technology isn’t ready for the iTV.

However, as recent market reports have highlighted, the iWatch could bring more revenue to Apple than launching a television set. And Misek’s checks seem to reinforce earlier rumours claiming the iWatch will arrive this year.

In addition to the iTV delay, Misek also added his voice to the low-cost-iPhone hype, claiming it will reach customers in the third calendar quarter instead of June, because suppliers seem to be facing issues with the new casing colors.

From his perspective, Apple will try to compensate its customers by releasing the next-generation iPad with IGZO display earlier — most probably in June — but unfortunately, the iPad mini 2 with Retina Display will arrive only in the third quarter.

Speaking about the iPhone 6, Misek expects Apple to launch in the first calendar quarter “to stop the hemorrhaging to phablets”.

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