Canadian Minuum Keyboard Project Brings Next Gen Typing to Indiegogo

The Toronto-based startup Whirlscape is aiming high: to improve touchscreen typing by reducing the three-row keyboard to a single dimension and opening up the touchscreen space for interaction possibilities allowing precision-entry. Introducing Minuum, a new kind of virtual keyboard.


While it is designed to keep the QWERTY order mostly in place for easy transition from standard keyboard layouts, one of the powerful features shipped with the innovative keyboard is auto-correction algorithms to enable fast typing.

Minuum also provides letter magnification for precision typing – a useful feature for people with large fingers – and access for everything you need from a keyboard, like punctuation, space, backspace and enter, preserving the screen real estate you gained with this keyboard.

But that’s not all: You can expect customization options as well, such as alternate colour schemes to match your smartphone’s case, and the ability to rearrange the alphabet.

Minuum’s innovative keyboard goes beyond smartphones and tablets. With this “one-dimensional” keyboard, users can type practically anywhere.

YouTube video

The Canadian Startup has turned to Indiegogo to fund this innovative technology. The project description has a detailed explanation of what the Will Walmsley, CEO of Whirlscape, and his team plan to do with the money. First, they will be making the prototype iOS and Android software ready to ship by next year, followed by a hardware SDK shortly after that.

The startup has already received some funding through the UTEST program and MaRS Innovation, but they need your help. As of this writing, Whirlscape has 30 more days to go and they have already bypassed their $10,000 goal by raising more than $25,000.

What do you think about Minuum?

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