WIND Mobile Confirms iPhone 5 Compatibility, Says “Stay Tuned”

Earlier this week T-Mobile announced they would offer an AWS version of the iPhone 5, a firmware modified version of the existing Rogers/Bell/TELUS iPhone 5 to enable AWS band support. Since AWS has always been the limiting factor for iPhones, this news changes the game when it comes to our newer wireless entrants.

Mobilicity, Videotron and WIND Mobile all operate on the AWS spectrum and this T-Mobile iPhone 5 will be compatible in Canada on AWS bands at HSPA+ speeds. Videotron already confirmed this, and recently WIND Mobile has taken to their Facebook page (which has started an Android vs iPhone flame war) and Twitter to confirm it as well.

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When an existing customer asked how long they would have to wait for an update, WIND Mobile responded they were trying to confirm the timing for an official announcement and said they were ‘hoping’ for April.

WIND Mobile is reportedly up for sale and previous reports stated U.S. carriers were possibly interested in acquiring the company. If WIND was to carry the iPhone 5 officially, terms with Apple would dictate to stay quiet on the matter until an official announcement is made. Other factors not in the company’s favour is its relatively small subscriber base, currently at 600,000, limited to Toronto and southern Ontario, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Greater Vancouver.

Canadians can head down to the USA and purchase a factory unlocked T-Mobile iPhone 5 from Apple Stores on April 12th (prices are cheaper by $50 down south). The phone will work on LTE networks in Canada and AWS networks at 3G speeds. Let us know if you’re planning on doing this.

What do you think the chances are for WIND to carry the iPhone 5? Would you switch?