Cellhelmet iPhone 5 Case [Review]



The guys at Cellhelmet have been pretty busy over the past few months. We reviewed their iPhone 4/4S case last August and were generally quite impressed. Since then, they’ve been busy designing, releasing, and marketing their iPhone 5 case, and most recently made an appearance on Shark Tank, (the US equivalent of the Canadian “Dragon’s Den” TV show). Today, we’re taking a look at their new iPhone 5 case.

The most obvious initial difference between the iPhone 5 case and previous Cellhelmet cases is the packaging. While the iPhone 4/4S case came in a cardboard and plastic blister-pack, the iPhone 5 case comes in a sleek yet durable all-plastic package, emblazoned with the Cellhelmet branding, logo, and damage coverage information. The package is easy to open and doesn’t get damaged in the process so it can be kept for later use if desired. Upon opening the packaging, you will find the iPhone 5 case along with the registration card for the 1 year of damage protection included with your purchase.


The iPhone 5 case is also significantly different than its predecessors. While the iPhone 4/4S case was quite bulky with thick protective corners, the iPhone 5 case is very slim and stylish looking. It adds minimal bulk and weight to the device while offering solid protection, and compares well to many other similar cases available today. This is a case that looks good on your device while keeping it free from damage as you go about your day.

This is where the Cellhelmet offering really differentiates itself. Aside from getting a durable protective case, you’re also getting 1 year of accidental damage protection that covers your device once you register it with the company (US and Canada only). Coverage starts as of the date of purchase and you must register within 30 days. Note that coverage is only applicable to the device originally registered, and proof of purchase is required when making a claim.

The case itself is made from a plastic/silicone hybrid that does not attract lint (an important thing if you keep your iPhone in your pocket like I do), and comes in 8 different colors with a matte finish. The case surrounds your device securely on all sides and the back, with openings for volume/mute, headphone, camera/flash, speakers and lightning connector. It fits snugly on the phone, so there’s no way it will come off accidentally, and feels good in your hand. Access to buttons and ports is easy and trouble-free, and I had no issues getting my 3rd party headphone plug into the headphone jack (an issue I have seen with some cases). The aluminum sides and back are protected, so if you’re paranoid about scratches then this is a case you should definitely consider. All things being equal, the Cellhelmet iPhone 5 case is a solid offering that looks good and will keep your iPhone safe from the typical day to day events that can lead to accidental damage.

IMG_6364If you do manage to accidentally damage your iPhone (water damage and aluminum scratches are not covered) within 1 year of your case purchase while using the Cellhelmet case, you can submit a claim via their 24/7 1-800 number, pay a $50 USD handling fee, and your device will either be repaired or replaced as appropriate by the folks at Cellhelmet.

The only concern I noted with the iPhone 5 case is that the opening at the bottom of the case for the Lightning connector isn’t compatible with Apple’s 30-pin to Lightning adapter (the case design does not offer enough room for the adapter to go all the way into the port on the device), so if you use one of these regularly this may present a problem, and hopefully future case designs will take this into account.

In summary, the Cellhelmet is a solid iPhone 5 case if you’re looking for something durable that offers reliable device protection with the added bonus of 1 year of damage protection. It’s a good looking case, and if you’re accident prone or just have an unfortunate habit of damaging your iPhone, the Cellhelmet case is something you should definitely check out.

If you’re interested in ordering, the Cellhelmet is available in 8 different colours for $49.99 USD via the Cellhelmet website. Additional information and details on the damage protection coverage can be found on the site as well.

What do you think? Is the Cellhelmet case something you would consider? Let us know in the comments.