Fake Images of Apple’s A7 Chip Hit the Web

For some reason, fake images of iPhone components will never reach an end, but today I spotted an image of what the source — an Android blog — claimed to be a verified image of the iPhone 5S logic board containing the much-rumoured A7 chip.


After smiling and thinking “nice try,” I’ve seen the image and the story picked up by other blogs such as PhoneArena and Pocketnow and more, which erased the smile from my face, and I started looking at the image more closely, just to find more evidence that this is a nicely Photoshopped image.


The above image shows the entire logic board, but what captures the eye immediately is that it’s 100% identical to the iPhone 5 logic board — you can download it from iFixit — with one exception: the A7 chip. The chances of Apple using the exact same logic board with the iPhone 5S is almost null, so this immediately raised a red flag.

But this isn’t all: After checking the numbers on the chip, I’ve got the confirmation that the image is 100% fake. The numbers found on the chip are inconsistent and nonsensical, just like Eric Slivka of Macrumors has pointed out, after seeing the image picked up by blogs and reported as image leak.