The New York Times Wins Pulitzer Prize For ‘Picking On Apple’

The Pulitzer Prize is a prestigious U.S. award for achievements in newspaper and online journalism. With the New York Times recently winning another Pulitzer, CNN Money reporter Philip Elmer-DeWitt highlights how the publication won the journalism’s top prize for ‘picking on Apple’. The reporter had predicted last year that the paper was going for a Pulitzer when it sent a team of reporters to write about the working conditions in Chinese iPad factories.


The NY Times has now won a record 112 Pulitizer Awards. “The fact is, the New York Times knows how to win Pulitzers — better than any other journalistic operation“, says DeWitt. The publication employs editors who specialize in identifying Pulitzer-winning topics and assigning reporters who will bring them home.

“And that’s what it set out to do — with Apple as its conspicuous subject — in seven major stories capped with a self-serving kicker that suggested that it was Times’ reporting that led to substantive changes in the working conditions in China’s electronics factories.

And on Monday the New York Times’ got its reward: A 2013 Pulitzer Prize in explanatory reporting for “its penetrating look into business practices by Apple and other technology companies that illustrates the darker side of a changing global economy for workers and consumers.”

In January 2012, Tim Cook had called the NY Times’ implication that Apple didn’t care what happened to its subcontractors’ workers “patently false and offensive.”