Yahoo! Launches New iPhone Weather App, Revamped Yahoo! Mail iPad App

Yahoo has announced the launch of a new iPhone weather app powered by images from the user-submitted Project Weather Group:

The new app combines Flickr photos from the Project Weather Group with accurate and detailed weather information from around the world. Rain in Tokyo? Snow in Paris? You’ll not only get the facts, but also see what it looks like. For a fullscreen view of the image, simply tilt your phone. To see the photo on Flickr, tap on the photographer’s name that’s displayed with each photo.

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The app has is built around visuals so you can quickly see the weather happening around you. There is a weekly forecast with a brief prediction, details such as a weather map, precipitation, wind and pressure and sun and moon info as well. The latter two feature a couple slick animations to bring a nice touch to the app.

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You can pull to refresh details and swipe left or right to see weather details for other cities. The side menu is shows all your locations and also shows off other Yahoo! apps with direct download links to the App Store–very smart on the company’s part. Marissa Mayer is turning this internet giant’s mobile efforts around. The app is global with support for more than 30 languages as well.

Click here to download the new Yahoo! Weather app. It’s free, beautiful, works well for a 1.0 launch and can easily replace any existing weather app you may have.

New Yahoo! Mail for iPad

In other news, the company also launched a redesigned Yahoo! Mail app for iPad and iPad mini as well.

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Check out the video below:

Earlier this month, the WSJ reported Yahoo! was in talks with Apple to discuss how to play a bigger role on the iPhone and iPad. These updates just might reflect some of that news. Let us know what your early thoughts are on these two new Yahoo! apps.