Apple’s Free App of the Week: Jamn, the Musician’s Multi-Tool

This week’s free App of the Week from Apple is Jamn (pronounced “jammin”), described as a musician’s multi-tool. The app allows users to learn and understand music as it plays and displays notes for those learning new instruments. The universal app shows fingering placement for a guitar, keyboard and ukulele on their patented Jamn Wheel.

The unique, patented Jamn Wheel lays out music in a circle instead of a line. All popular music is circular, with a song typically moving from harmony to conflict to climax, resolution then back to harmony again.

When seen as a wheel, the harmony and dissonance in scales and chords can be easily visualized. The Jamn Wheel also shows the tonic, major scale, relative minor scale and major, minor and diminished triads in an intuitive and logical way. Understanding these relationships is the basis of musical theory.

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Check out the video below of Jamn in action:

YouTube video

Click here to download Jamn–it’s regularly-priced at $3.99 but is free for the week.

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