Apple ‘iWatch’ Seen to Launch in 2014 with iPod Nano Touch Technology

If you have been holding out for the Apple smart watch, the latest research report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (as noted by MacRumors) believes the ‘iWatch’ will debut in mid-2014, rather than this year. The reason for the said delay is due to a possible lack of resources Apple may have to develop its smart watch version of iOS:

Apple may not have adequate resources to develop an iWatch version of iOS because it may require big changes to iPhone and iPad iOS this year. In addition, wearable device components aren’t mature. For these reasons, we think mass production of the iWatch is more likely to begin in 2H14, not 2H13 as the market speculates.

As for iWatch hardware details, Kuo predicts a display size of 1.5 to 2 inches, but also believes Apple will use technology (GF2 touch technology and application processor) from its iPod nano to implement into the watch based on their similar physical and computing abilities; the watch is also believed to focus on biometrics, which should increase security and help expand the growth of health apps.

Kuo’s reports have been accurate in the past in regards to Apple’s product road maps, and if this report follows suit we may not see an iWatch until next year. Wearable computing appears to be the latest trend, as watches such as the Pebble have exploded in popularity while head gear such as Google Glass looks to change the way we stay connected.

Just a couple days ago a report claimed Apple had allegedly sent a trial batch of 1000 watches to Foxconn for testing, while a related rumour said Apple had ordered 1.5-inch OLED displays with one-glass-touch sensors from RiTdisplay.