‘Digg Reader’ to Be Integrated into Existing iOS App, End of June Launch

In just over a month Google Reader will shut down, which will cause some to weep endlessly but have no fear as numerous worthy RSS reader alternatives such as Feedly have emerged.

Digg previously shared details about their ambitious plans to create their own replacement and now we have more details, via their CEO Andrew McLaughlin, speaking at Internet Week New York (via The Next Web).

The new name of the product will be called Digg Reader, which will be integrated into the existing Digg iOS app via an update. McLaughlin made it clear users will “have one download, which is Digg, and the current Digg will have added onto it reader capabilities.” The company says what they are building will be “very clean, very simple and very fast.”

Digg Reader is on track to launch at the end of June, just prior to the closure of Google Reader. The CEO noted the new reader has already made its way onto production servers this Monday and considering the mammoth task at hand Digg engineers have consulted with Google Reader’s former developers.

Digg Reader will be available on the web and iOS only for now, with Android on the back burner says McLaughlin. He also shared Instapaper integration will be coming in the future and not part of the initial release. Anyone excited for this? What’s your Google Reader replacement right now?