Google Search for iOS Updated with Location Improvements, Bug Fixes

Google Search for iOS has received a minor update just now, version 3.0.1. The description notes it brings location improvements and bug fixes. The app received a major update at the end of April to integrate Google Now, a card-based system that automatically shows information related to your search habits.

Shortly afterwards, numerous users (including yours truly) suffered battery drain issues due to the location services of Google Now within Google Search. It was not feasible to enable location services to experience the service. A couple days later Google came out and denied the app had any battery-related issues.

Let us know how this update works for you and if it fixes the battery drain issue. Google Now is a powerful (and creepy) service when it works.

Update: There is now an option to toggle Location Reporting ON/OFF for Google Now within the app. Great news.

google now toggle


google now toggle2

Click here to download Google Search for iOS–it’s free.