Xcode 5 Simulator Offers an Early Look at iOS 7 on the iPad [PICS]

iOS 7 beta 1 is already on the iPhone of registered developers, but there is no official information about the iPad version, except one small picture posted on Apple’s webpage showcasing iOS 7 features.




However, some developers have started diving into Xcode 5, which fills the void of the missing iPad beta through its iOS 7 iPad simulator. The German site Apfelpage.de was the first one to transmit the images using the simulator, showing how a few stock apps will look on an iPad running Apple’s latest mobile operating system.



Of course several iOS 7 apps on the iPad look slightly different, since they make use of the iPad’s screen space. This is why “Control Center” looks slightly different?it is nicely arranged on the lower end of the screen, instead of using (nearly) the entire screen on the iPhone. The same thing was noticed with “Apple Maps” and “Contacts.”



We don’t exactly know the release date of the iOS 7 beta 1 for the iPad, but expect it to reach developers shortly. Until then, you can explore Apple’s latest mobile OS using the simulator.